About Us

We are a group of classical liberal Egyptian thinkers and specialists in various fields of study. The website is an individual, not-for-profit effort that does not belong to any political party and receives no funding from any governmental or non-governmental organization.

The purpose of Libraliyya is to promote classical liberalism to Arabic speakers in general, and Egyptians in particular.

Classical liberal principles include:

  1. an individual is born free, owning her/his mind, conscience, and body;
  2. right of the individual to think, believe and choose freely;
  3. right of the individual to express her/himself;
  4. right of the individual to her/his property and the product of her/his labor;
  5. right of individuals to free association and assembly;
  6. right to freely exchange in the economy (free trade and free markets)
  7. nonaggression on others’ freedoms and property;
  8. right of the individual to defend her/himself and one’s property;
  9. the State’s core role is to protect and preserve all of the freedoms listed above;
  10. a civil government with limited and separated powers;
  11. rule of law;
  12. equality before the law;

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